Saturday, November 22, 2014

Diving in Sabang Point, Mindoro

Dive #: 252

Date: 15.11.2014
Place: Philippines, Mindoro, Sabang Beach, Sabang Point
Depth: 27.1m Average: 16,4m
Dive time: 44min
Visibility: 25m
Sea temperature: +28C


Bottle: 12L/200bar (air)  Wetsuit: 3mm long wetsuit  Weight: 5Kg
Camera: Canon PowerShot G15 + Ikelite´s housing  Computer: Suunto Stingray

Dive CenterTina´s Reef Divers
Price: 1000PHP/17,95€/1 dive

I did a one dive in Sabang Point in Mindoro. Here is something what we saw there.

Big school of grant fish. 
Little bit closer. 
Mantis shrimps are always cool to watch. This time we saw two mantis shrimps.
Mantis posing.
Small reef fishes. 
School of small barracudas.
Moray eel in her hole. 
Sharp teeth waiting for the prey.
Garden eels dancing.
Time for the safety stop and to the surface.
This picture shows why Sabang Beach is so popular diving destination. There are so many dive spots and almost as many dive shops. This means diving there is cheap and you will always find dive buddy for you. 
It was good basic dive. Everything else worked perfectly except I had problem to switch the flash on in the camera. This meant I couldn´t take any good macro photos for instance from the yellow pygmi seahorse and nudibranches. Have to check what was wrong. 

I like diving in Sabang. All the dive spots are so near. Hopefully soon to Sabang again. 

Regards from Manila,

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