Monday, June 23, 2014

Lighthouse and Maris Rock in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Second diving day on this trip in Puerto Princesa. 

Dive #: 250
Date: 14.6.2014
Place: Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa, Lighthouse
Depth: 31,7m Average: 18,5m
Dive time: 43min
Visibility: 10-12m
Sea temperature: +28C

Bottle: 12L/220bar (air)  Wetsuit: Only shorts and sleeveless  Weight: 5Kg
Camera: Canon PowerShot G15 + Ikelite´s housing  Computer: Suunto Stingray

Dive CenterMoana Dive Center

Our first dive spot was Lighthouse. There is possible to see many different kind of nudibranches.
Moray eel.
Jenkins stingray hiding in the sandy bottom. 
Some kind of small lobster.

Dive #: 251
Date: 14.6.2014
Place: Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa, Maris Rock
Depth: 21,6m Average: 14,3m
Dive time: 53min
Visibility: 10-15m
Sea temperature: +28C

Our second dive spot was Maris Rock. There is always possible the see something interesting. Also on this time like this ghost pipefish family.
Some kind of nudibranch.
Big yellow frogfish.
Very small bygmi seahorse. The size is only about 1,5cm. 
Cuttle fishes are real alien of the seas. They can change color, shape and even the texture of the skin. It has three hearts, which pump blue blood.
Here interesting documentary of cuttle fishes. It´s really not a "normal" fish. 

Dive in Maris Rock was again interesting. I don´t remember to seen ghost pipefishes before. 

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