Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tubbataha Reef liveaboard, Philippines

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park lies 181km southeast of Puerto Princesa the capital of Palawan province in Philippines in the middle of Sulu Sea. Place has been also UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.
Because of the remote location all the dive trips are liveaboards. Usually trip starts from Puerto Princesa. I was diving in Tubbataha Reef in March 2009 with Expedition Fleet. We had four diving days (5-5-5-3) and five nights on the boat. Our boat was 36m long Stella Maris Explorer.
Tubbataha Reefs has two atolls - South atoll and north atoll - and atolls are separated by 7km wide very deep channel. South atoll has also lighthouse.
North atoll is bigger and there are small bird islet and ranger station.
Hawksbill and green turtles are common in Tubbataha.
Atolls have deep walls. Most of the dives starts on the walls.
Tubbataha Reefs are in the middle of the Sulu Sea and there is possible to see everything. About 600 species of fish, 360 spices of corals, 12 species of sharks, many different species of rays. Also manta rays.
School of barracudas.
Some kind of nudibranch.
Lobsters in the hole.
I have never seen more than two Napoleon wrasse swimming together. In Tubbataha I saw seven together.
Sharks are always guaranteed in Tubbaha. Some dives it's possible the see big groups of sharks.
One little bit closer.
Crocodile fish.
My german dive buddy with jacks.
Jacks in tornado.
Tubbataha Reefs is amazing diving destination. It's not the best place for beginners because dives are many times quite deep and there can be also some current. For everybody else it's Must place to visit!
That's me and really enjoyed the dives in Tubbataha!!



  1. Nice Blog im going to palawan at the 29. Dec until 22 Jan any tips where to go

  2. Hi,

    If you go to Puerto Princesa and you want to dive there contact Moana Hotel in the main street Rizal Avenue.

    Go to visit also El Nido. It's very beautiful place.

    Here in my travel blog some story and photos from Palawan:



  3. Wow. This make me remember our recent live aboard experience in Tawali PNG. I want to dive again and again and again.