Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Island hopping and snorkeling day in Coron, Philippines

Old story. I wrote earlier in February something about wreck diving in Coron. The area is also great place for snorkeling and there are beautiful islands. Here is something from our island hopping day.

Our boat left from Coron town, which is the centre in Coron area. Some beach resort near the Coron town.
Our first stop was Cyc Island.
Mask, snorkel and fins and to the water. I Feeeel Good...!
Lyn snorkeling.
Second place was Coral Garden.
Same place under water.
Next place was beautiful Kayangan Lake. In fact it´s only hidden bay, but it´s called lake.
Not bad?
Same place from the view point. 
When continue walking the stairs down there is a real lake.
This place looks very cool under water. It´s like snorkeling in the stalagmite cave.
Small seashells.
Lyn dives.
And explores.
I have never seen this kind of rock formation under water before. 
I have everything "ok". 
Our next place was Coral Eden. There was a lot of mangroves.
Leaves under water.
Our last stop was Twin Peak Reef. There was also more fishes than other places. Some people saw there also turtle, but we missed it. 
I took small peace of bread to the water and I had a lots of friends.
Corals and fishes. 
Lyn was like a dolphin in the water.
Staghorn corals and reef fishes.
It was great snorkeling day in the beautiful places. Price for the full day trip was 850PHP/15,30€ per person including great meal. 

This was also my first real under water test for my new Canon Powershot G15 and Ikelite´s housing. Before the trip I tested the camera and housing only in the pool. Package seems to work well with out problems.

Regards from Manila,

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