Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pulau Mabul in Borneo, Malaysia

Old Story. Marine life in East Borneo is something amazing. The area has several world class dive spots. Tropical island Pulau Mabul is one of the places. Easiest way to go to the area is first fly for intance from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. Next step from Tawau airport is to go to Semporna. Last step by boat to Pulau Mabul island. There are many kind of accommodation available on the island. Cheapest are diving communes and best are luxury resorts. Island itself is beautiful and relax place to stay.
I was two nights on the island and I had a three diving days in May 2010. Diving in Mabul is superb. Lots of interesting species. Here is something what I saw there during three diving days.

Snowflake moray.
Bluespotted stingray.
Banded seasnake.
Different kind of frogfishes. Bigger frogfish in the picture is DM Nick.
Pink scorpion leaf fish.
Mantis shrimp.
Eye of the crocodile fish.
Old bottles.
There is also one very special place. It's the oil rig which is now dive center. There are rooms, restaurant, etc. Place name is Seaventures.
Playground is under the Seaventures.
Couple of spotted eagle rays.
Jacks in tornado.
Jack above me.
There is also wreck.
Turtle diving with me in Mabul.

This is only something what you can see in Mabul. It's really worth to visit!!


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