Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Legendary Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

Old Story. In May 2010 one of my dream came true as a diver. I had a diving day on legendary Sipadan island. Sipadan is 30min by boat from Pulau Mabul in East Borneo, Malaysia. Nowadays only 120 divers can dive at Sipadan per day. There has been also possibility to stay over night on Sipapan before, but not anymore for long time. All the places had to close the doors permanently last day of December 2004. Now divers can do only day trips to Sipadan.
Sipadan is only oceanic island in Malaysia. It means island is not connected to mainland at all. Sipadan rise directly from the ocean. Walls continue all the way from the surface to 500m. Most of the dives are wall dives.
Visibility unfortunately was not the best possible. Storms and rains had mixed the water and visibility. Immediately on the first dive I anyway realized why Sipadan is so famous. There are turtles everywhere.
And more.
Sometimes I was taking a picture from one turtle. When I continued forward I could see 2-3 new turtle in the same time just turning my head. During the 3 dives I saw tens of turtles. Here divemaster with two turtles and jacks.
Biggest one was huge. Look at the fins and tail of this guy! It's almost like Volkswagen Beetle.
Lunch break on the island.
Clown triggerfish.
Huge puffer with big belly.
Whitetip reefsharks are also very common in Sipadan. Especially on the third dive we saw many sharks.
This one was laying on the bottom and I went very carefully just next to her. Remora is also with the shark.
Whitetip reefshark swimming around me.

Very interesting diving day. Even though the visibility was not so good on my diving day, Sipadan is great diving place!



  1. Those marine turtles are awesome! Wait, are those barracudas? Wow! I never thought they swim in schools as I never have seen that much in my entire diving life! Now I know why my diving buddies who were able to dive in Sipadan keeps on coming back there. I guess it's time for me to join them on their next dive tour there! :)

  2. Yes, in Sipadan you can see very much turtle. I have never in anywhere so much turtles. Some places there can be huge school of barracudas. Also lots of sharks. It's a great place. Also Pulau Mabul near Sipadan is very good diving place. There you can see much more smaller things. It also very interesting place.


  3. Wow! Great! That's very cool then!