Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wreck diving in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay in Philippines is popular place for wreck diving. I dived there in February 2010 on the three different wrecks.

El Capitan

Type of vessel: Freighter of nearly 3000 tons and 130m long.
Depth: 5-18m
Sunk: Storm in 1946

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El Capitan was a big ship, but now it's a home for corals and fishes.
It's easy to go inside the wreck. It was very interesting dive inside the long hull. There are lots of vulcanic ash on the bottom of the wreck so it's important to keep fins up.
My dive buddy Chris inside the hull.
Big ship has also big rudder.

Type of vessel: WWII Landing Craft Utility
Depth: 10-21m
Sunk: 1946. Exact date unknown.

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Iron LCU is still in good condition.
Deck closer.
One open hatch of the wreck.
A swim through hole.
There was also possible to go inside the wreck in some places.
From the deck.
San Quentin

Type of vessel: Spanish steam gun boat
Depth: 6-18m
Sunk: May 1898

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Old San Quentin has seen already the best days and it has been collapsed almost totally.
Ladder and hatch.
Some hatch.
Last dive and last safety stop in Subic Bay this time.
Subic Bay is interesting place for wreck diving. This was my first dive trip to Subic Bay, but not the last.

More information about Subic Bay wrecks in Subic Bay Dive, Asia Dive Site and Philippines Travel Guide.


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