Thursday, September 8, 2011

Similan diving safaris, Thailand

Best diving place in Thailand - that's how people usually describe Similan Islands. Similan National Marine Park was established in 1982. Similan Islands have nine islands and it's 100km from Phuket to northwest in Andaman Sea. Diving season is from October to May. Best time for diving is from January to March.
I have been diving on Similan three times. Twice on Similan diving safaris and ones on day trip. Best way to dive there is to go safaris. I was on diving safaris on Feb 2006 and Feb 2007 by Chalong Sea Sport. Diving safaris are very relax way to dive on Similans. Just dive, eat, sleep and relax on the boat. Usually the safaris have four diving days four dives a day and five nights on the boat.

The beauty of Similan is not only crystal clear and rich marine life. There are also beautiful islands and beaches. One of the Similan landmark is Donald Duck Bay. Name of the place comes from this stone.
Up from the hill opens great view to Donald Duck Bay. I'm on the top on Feb 2006.
Diving safaris on Similan are very famous and if you have been there one you know why. Visibility can be more than 30 meters. Lots of different place to dive and rich marine life. Turtles are common especially on the Donald Duck Bay area.
Huge rocks and boulders with swim through.
Lots of different kind of reef fishes.
Moray eels are common. Also giant morays.
There are also few wrecks. This is Atlantis X.
Chinese wreck.
Some places is possible to see also something bigger like whale sharks and manta rays. I haven't seen whale sharks on Similan, but mantas many places. Best place to see mantas is Koh Bon area like I say this one in Feb 2007. Manta was playing with us about 10min before it disappeared to deep blue.
So all in all. Similan is best place for diving in Thailand and it's really worth to visit!!


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  2. Hi,

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