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Deepest diving pool in the world - Nemo33, Brussels

Date: 5.4.2008
Place: Belgium, Brussels, Nemo33,
Plongée Rue de Stalle 333
Depth: 34,4m
Dive time: 35min
Visibility: pool
Water Temperature: +33C

Bottle: 10L/180bar (air) Wetsuit: No wetsuit Weight: No weight belt

Have you ever dived in Brussels? Yes, I really mean the capital of Belgium. It's possible. There is one very special place called Nemo33. It's deepest diving pool in the world. It was opened in 1st of May, 2004.

I had a business trip to Brussels in April 2008. One of my diving friend lives in Brussels and he said take your mask and diving computer with and let's go diving in the weekend. Sure, why not.

When you come to Nemo33 you have to show your valid diving licence card and sign the paper. Same procedure like usually when diving somewhere with some dive operator. There are one hour time slot for the divers. When there is enough people in the group and previous group is in the end of the session it's time to go to dressing room to change swimming suit.

You don't need any of your own diving gears. Nemo33 has everything. Of course your personal diving computer is good to have and maybe your own mask, but that's all. Select fins, PCD, regulator, etc. Nemo33 has fresh water, so weight belt is not needed. Water temperature is like in tropic. It's +33C.

Gears up and to dive. There are different depths in the pool like 5m, 10m and deep tube which goes all the way to 33m. In 10m there is also tunnel with air pockets. Tunnel itself is quite shallow. About 1,5m. In the airpocket it's possible to stand, take regulator off from the mouth and breath normally.

Nemo33 has also restaurant and between the restaurant and pool is window. It's possible to see from under the water to restaurant and from the restaurant to the pool under water. I took this photo during the dive to restaurant.

Here my friend Antti is on the bottom of the deep tube in 33m.

I'm somewhere in the deep tube.

Nemo33 is interesting place and very good for training. It's definitely worth of visit at least ones. Here some great photos from Nemo33 in Scuba Diver Life.

Official web page of Nemo33.


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