Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gili Islands

We did five dives with my friend Petri in two days at Gili. Dive spots were Secret, Shark Point, Shalow Turbo and Bounty.

Update: More pictures added on 23.11.2015

Dive #: 190-194
Date: 8-9.3.2011
Place: Indonesia, Gili Islands
Visibility: 15-30+m
Sea Temperature: +28C

Bottle: 12L/200bar (air) Wetsuit: short 3mm Weight: 5Kg

Dive Center: Blue Marlin Dive Price: 38USD/dive including equipment rental

Blue-Spotted Stingray.
I'm just taking photo of turtle.
Turtle, Shark Point. Turtles are very common here and you see them almost on every dive.
Same guy.
Shark Point is good place to see white tips.
Banded sea snake.
Boxer shrimp, Shalow Turbo.
Mantis shrimp.
Moray eel and boxer shrimp.
Boxer shrimp.
Pygmy seahorse, Shark Point.
Scorpion leaf fish.
Diver and rocks.
That´s me.
Divers on the Bounty.
Petri taking photos.
Bounty is old jetty which has collapsed. It's very much like wreck. There you can see a lot of fishes.
And more.
And even more. 
Petri taking photos on the Bounty.
Visibility was good or very good on every dive. Something between 15-30m. Shark Point is one of the best dive spot in Gili area. Turtles, rays and sharks usually on every dive. We saw on the dives also seasnake, nudibranches and a lot of all kind of reef fishes.



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