Monday, March 14, 2011

Amazing Manta Point, Komodo

Today I had a first dives here in Komodo, Indonesia. First one was Manta Point and second Siaba Kecil.

Dive #: 195
Place: Indonesia, Komodo, Manta Point
Visibility: 15-20m
Sea Temperature: +28C

Bottle: 12L/200bar (air)
Wetsuit: long 3mm
Weight: 6Kg

Dive Center: Dive Komodo

Price: 30€
I heard amazing stories about Manta Point before I came here. Diving at Manta Point was even better than the stories. On the dive we saw more than 10 mantas. Ones we saw three mantas on the same time together. There it comes...
On the same dive we saw also few turtle.
I really recommend Manta Point. One of the best dive ever. We saw there even before the dive few mantas just on the surface. It was good start for the dive.


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