Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Y40 - New Deepest Pool in the World

I wrote earlier a story about the deepest pool in the world. The pool name is Nemo33 and it's in Brussels, Belgium. Things has anyway changed and Nemo33 is not the deepest pool anymore.

Now the deepest one can be found in Italy. The place name is Y40 and it´s in Montegrotto Terme. The place was opened in 5th of June 2014. Surface area is 21 x 18m and depth is 40m / 131ft. Water temperature is 32 - 34C, so it´s possible swim and dive there just using normal swimming costume.

Watch this video to get better idea of the place.
This kind of deep pools are great and safe places for training even nothing can beat the feeling, when diving in the coral reef with the fishes.


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