Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sky Dive and The Hill in Sabang, Philippines

Dive #: 258
Date: 7.11.2015
Place: Philippines, Mindoro, Sabang, Sky Dive
Depth: 25,3m Average: 14,6m
Dive time: 50min
Visibility: 20-25m
Sea temperature: +28C


Bottle: 12L/220bar (air)  Wetsuit: Short 3mm  Weight: 5Kg
Camera: Canon PowerShot G15 + Ikelite´s housing  Computer: Suunto Stinger

Dive Center: South Sea Divers
Price: 2400PHP/43€/2 Dives

We had a weekend trip from Manila to Sabang in Mindoro, Philippines and I had two dives with South Sea Divers. Here is something what we saw on the dives. 

Tiny anemone crab.
Same crab.
Big puffer.
Small fish on the sandy bottom.
There was lot of small reef fishes in some places.
Feather corals.
School of Two spot sniper. 
Diver on the reef.
Fire clownfish.
Pipefish on the sandy bottom. 

Dive #: 259
Date: 7.11.2015
Place: Philippines, Mindoro, Sabang, The Hill
Depth: 18,2m Average: 13,7m
Dive time: 54min
Visibility: 12-18m
Sea temperature: +28C


Bottle: 12L/210bar (air)  Wetsuit: Short 3mm  Weight: 5Kg
Camera: Canon PowerShot G15 + Ikelite´s housing  Computer: Suunto Stinger

Our second dive spot was The Hill. Before the dive we heard the place is good for muck diving and there should be lots of small staff. 

Striped catfishes hide between in the corals. 
Pistol shrimp keeping the nest clean and goby as a door man. 
Feather coral.
Seahorse on the bottom. 
Same seahorse.
Flabellina nudibranch.
Two nudis.
Same nudis.
Another kind of nudibranch.
Blue-spotted stingray hiding. 
When you go close enough this happens always.
Few trumpet fishes.
Fire clownfish. 
So I did two nice dives in Sabang area. Especially the second one was interesting, because the dive spot was new for me.

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