Monday, April 21, 2014

Diving day in Mindoro, Philippines

I had a few days holiday in Sabang Beach and I did there one relax dive. 

Dive #: 247

Date: 10.4.2014
Place: Philippines, Mindoro, Sabang Beach, Edgar´s Cave
Depth: 28m Average: 13,4m
Dive time: 55min
Visibility: 25m
Sea temperature: +28C


Bottle: 12L/220bar (air)  Wetsuit: 3mm long wetsuit  Weight: 5Kg
Camera: Canon PowerShot G15 + Ikelite´s housing  Computer: Suunto Stingray

Dive CenterTina´s Reef Divers
Price: 1000PHP/16,35€/1 dive

We had a group of 3 divers and DM. Back roll from the boat and under water.
Bubble coral.
School of big mouth trevally.
Curious Nemo.
There was lots of reef fishes in some place.
Big snapper.
Same snapper.
Life on the reef.
Typical guy on the sandy bottom.

Large soft coral area and some reef fishes.

Looks nice.
It was very easy-going dive without any current. Lots of soft and hard coral. Especially in the end of dive we saw lots of different kind of reef fishes.

Regards from Manila,



  1. Very nice, Thanks for sharing this. The photos are really good. I do scuba diving in Indonesia, like you it relaxes me a lot.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for your comments. Bira Dive looks very nice area. I have been in Sulawesi ones Bunaken Island near Manado. It was in 2007. I really liked diving there. Also diving in Komodo area is one of the best places where I have dived. :)

      Regards from Manila,