Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hole in the wall and Discovery Scuba Diving in Mindoro, Philippines

I had a diving day in Sabang Beach area in Mindoro and I did two dives. First dive was normal fun dive. Second dive was Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) for my girlfriend, so that was her first dive ever. 

Dive #: 243
Date: 25.1.2014
Place: Philippines, Mindoro, Sabang Beach, West Escarceo / Hole in the wall
Depth: 27,7m Average: 16,7m
Dive time: 54min
Visibility: 20m
Sea temperature: +26C


Bottle: 12L/200bar (air)  Wetsuit: 3mm wetsuit  Weight: 5Kg
Camera: Canon PowerShot G15 + Ikelite´s housing  Computer: Suunto Stingray

Dive Center: Tina´s Reef Divers

Price: 2000PHP/32,67€/2 dives

Beautiful lionfish.
Feather starfish.
Hole in the wall. 
Hole is big enough to dive through.
Morey eel hiding.
White frogfish.

Dive #: 244
Date: 25.1.2014
Place: Philippines, Mindoro, Sabang Beach, Sabang Point / Monkey Beach
Depth: 14,3m Average: 7,9m
Dive time: 40min
Visibility: 20m
Sea temperature: +26C

Price: 2500P/40,85€/Discovery Scuba Diving

Second dive was Discovery Scuba Diving for my girlfriend. She has watched my divings already long time, so it was time for her also to try how does it feels to breath under water.

Instructor and Lyn checking the gears.
Then it was time to go water and try some basic skills.
After some basic training I came to water also and we were ready for the dive. Let´s dive!
Begining of the dive we saw banded sea snake.
Clownfish hiding.
School of yellow striped snappers.
First time together under the water with the bottles. Before only when snorkeling.
Reef fishes.
Another banded sea snake. This time bigger one. 
Lyn has everything ok in the end of the dive. 
Here is a short video clip from the second dive.
Relax diving day. On the second dive was great to see there was no problem on the DSD for Lyn. In practice it means the next step for her will be the Open Water Diver course. Let´s see when and where it will happen.

Regards from Manila,

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