Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diving at Siquijor Island, Philippines

I had a weekend trip from Manila to Siquijor Island near Dumaguete City. I did one relex dive in Siquijor.

Dive #: 223
Date: 18.5.2012
Place: Philippines, Siquijor Island, Cedrics Wall
Depth: 25,9m Average: 15,5m
Dive time: 53min
Visibility: 15-20m
Sea Temperature: +30C

Bottle: 12L/200bar (air) Wetsuit: 3mm long wetsuit Weight: 5Kg

Dive Center: Kiwi Dive Resort
Price: 1300PHP/22,08€ including equipment rental

There was a lot of different kind of nudibranches.
Bigger red one.
Scorpionfish try to hide.
DM Raul and the corals.
Mantis shrimps are colorful and looks beautiful.
Very small and almost transparent blue class shrimps.
Bigger striped pipefish.
I did only one dive in Siquijor, but it is good place for diving. There was diving only me and DM Raul so there was a lots of time to take photos and watch what I wanted.

Salamat Raul!

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