Friday, February 18, 2011

Turtles at Similan Islands

Old story. Best place for diving in Thailand is Similan Islands. It's about 100km from Phuket to north west on Andaman Sea. Dive trips to Similan Islands are usually liveaboard. Typical is five nights on the boat and four diving days. Four dives a day so 16 dives on the trip. I have been on this kind of diving safari twice. Feb 2006 and Feb 2007.

Similan Islands is not good only for diving. It's also superp for snorkeling. One of the most beautiful place there is Donald Duck Bay. There you can climb up to the hill where opens great view to the bay. I visited there in 2006.
After view point we had still time to wait for the next dive. Our boat was on the bay and we saw turtle very near of our boat. People threw bananas to the turtle and turtle ate it. Some of us jumped to the water snorkeling with the turtle. Of course me too. Turtle wasn't shy at all. It just swam around us.
Maybe temptation of banana was too much and it came to eat it also from the hand. Turtles really like bananas. Here you can see little bit banana it's mouth.
It came many times very close. I didn't need to use zoom at all.
There was also smaller turtle, but it didn't come to close.
Great snorkeling session!


  1. I just discovered two new fears. I love the ocean. Didn't realize I'm afraid to go underwater. So I have a fear of snorkeling and diving. Now I need to examine the fear to see why I'm afraid to go under water. It's alright I suppose to be afraid of different situations. I don't think beauty should make me afraid. Don't know. Underneath the water I might smother, or I might see sharks which are totally spooky. Not too keen to see an octopus or sea snake either. I'm sad to learn my love of the ocean only goes as far as the top of it.

  2. You have to first try snorkeling on the shallow place where the water level is somewhere on your neck or even lower and there is no current at all. Then you can get use to be on the water. Try the mask, snorkel and fins safely with out any pressure. Just floating and breathing. Very basic things. It would be good if there is someone with you who can tell some hints and basic thing about snorkeling.

    After you start feeling good and relaxing you could go little bit deeper where you can´t touch the bottom anymore. Little by little. Step by step. It's very important to use and learn to use fins if you are in the river or sea. There can be currents and fins helps very much.

    When you start feeling good and enjoying snorkeling then go to scuba diving course. Before course you can also do first intro dive (DSD). In intro dive instructor first tell you the basics and the most important thing what you must know about scuba diving. After that you go together to water and try everything in practice. It´s not rocket science.

    Just go and try. :)