Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to my dive blog

I started diving when I was on holiday in Phuket Thailand in Dec 2002. Then I had my PADI OWD course in Chalong Sea Sport. On that trip I dived few times after OWD course and first dives were amazing. Then I did my AOWD course in the same place in Feb 2004. Since then I have dived in different countries in Asia and at the moment I have 174 dives. Only one dive is in Europe and the rest are in Asia.

On these pages I will write some diving experience from different places. I will also write something else diving and snorkeling related stories what I have done, seen or heard. Hopefully you will get some information and ideas from underwater world. I will add more information, photos and links later.
Comments are also welcome to the blog. You can also write directly to me:
mikazz (@) gmail dot com.

Best regards,
Mika E


  1. Hi Mika

    Thanks for your own experiences with us. I am looking forward to see your pictures.

    Ningaloo reef diving

  2. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for your comment. At the moment I'm in Finland, so no diving for few months. Anyway I have few story on my mind which I will write with new photos.

    I had to google where is Ningaloo Reef. Never heard before. Looks like it's in West Australia. Do you organize diving trips with equipments also?

    - Mika -